Command Line Program

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Virtual CD comes with a command line program, vc10cmd.exe, stored in the Virtual CD system directory. You can use this program to insert or eject virtual CDs directly from the command line. If you start the program without command line arguments, a window opens showing the command line options.





If an autostart program is defined in the image properties of a given virtual CD, that program runs automatically when the CD in question is inserted by the command line program. If you define an autostart program by entering a program call as a command line argument, this overwrites any previously defined autostart program, and only the program designated on the command line is opened.



If you have defined a desktop shortcut for fast access in the CD Control Center, the Double-Click on an Image program, vc10dbc.exe, is entered in the desktop shortcut's properties. This programs opens an action prompt that offers a number of options for the image. If you want to limit use of the shortcut to simply inserting the image, enter the command line program in its place. Open the shortcut's properties and enter vc10cmd.exe in place of vc10dbc.exe in the Target field.


The /ask argument opens a drive selection dialog, in which the drive for the image can be specified.




If the user clicks on Cancel, execution of the command line program stops.