Collection Wizard

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The Collection Wizard lets you put virtual CDs together in collections, which in many ways are handled like single virtual CDs. For example, you can "insert" a collection in a virtual CD drive to make all CDs in the collection available at one time. When a collection is in a drive, it is displayed in the Explorer as a root directory with one folder for each of the CDs it contains. The CD labels provide the folder names. The Collection Wizard enables both creation and editing of collections.

You can open the Collection Wizard from the Ribbon of the CD Control Center by clicking on Collection in the Tasks and Tools tab, or from the Quick Start utility menu.




Enter the data required for creating a virtual CD collection in the main window of the Collection Wizard. This window shows both the collection properties, such as the description, label, target file and view, and the virtual CDs that belong to the collection. In addition to the main window, the Collection Wizard has the following dialogs for other information:

Open a collection
Select the virtual CDs
Advanced collection properties