Deleting Re-writable Media

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When you use re-writable media, you may find from time to time that you want to delete the data from a medium before re-using it. The Virtual CD Eraser Wizard makes it easy.



Run the Eraser Wizard

Open the Eraser Wizard by selecting Delete data from RW medium on the Tasks and Tools tab in the CD Control Center.





Start the deletion process

Select the Burner that contains the medium you wish to erase and select Delete data to begin the process.



If you delete the data, it will no longer be accessible. Make sure you do not need the data any longer before you delete it.




Depending on the method used to delete the data, this process may take a great deal of time, especially if you are erasing all the data on the medium. A quick erase procedure is considerably faster, but deletes only the table of contents, not all data. In most cases, however, this is sufficient.



Sometimes a new medium is not detected as being blank. In such cases, a quick-erase is all you need; afterward, the medium is usually recognized as blank.