Re-writable Blanks

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The sections above described the use of virtual blank write-once media. Virtual CD, however, emulates a Blu-ray-RE burner, which supports a broad range of virtual blanks. Re-writable media can be used either way:

When burning 1-to-1 copies, the re-writable blank is handled like a normal blank DVD that can be written on once and after that is read-only.
When used as a re-writable medium (similar to a hard disk), the re-writable blank can be written and read at any time.



Keep in mind that a virtual blank can only be opened for writing by one computer at a time. It cannot be opened by multiple computers simultaneously.


To make a medium re-writable, it has to be inserted and formatted. To do this, use the format command in the Explorer menu or the packet writer in a CD-writing program (such as InCD in Nero). Once the re-writable medium has been formatted, it can no longer be used for copying media.



The Windows CD burning function in Windows XP does not support re-writable media, with the exception of DVD-RAM, which requires an additional program before support is effective.


You can use the Virtual CD Eraser Wizard to delete data from re-writable media, after which it can be used for either of the tasks described above. Keep in mind that after you delete the data from a re-writable medium, the medium has to be formatted again before it can be used as re-writable again.