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Several problems related to virtual BD-RE media

I am having 2 issues with Virtual CD

1) When I create a blank BD-RE image, it creates the disc with a size of 47731 MB. If I try to burn that image to a physical disc, I am told that there is not enough space on the disc because the disc has only 47476 MB.

47731 MB
- 47476 MB
255 MB Too little space

2) In addition, if I try to create a blank disc using the option it will fail saying that the disc that I am using is not a blank disc. It *is* a blank disk. In fact, if I try to use a program to erase the disc it will ask if I am sure that I want to erase the disc because it is already a blank disc.

3) Finally, since the next version of Virtual CD is already delayed by a few years, how difficult would it be to release a very slightly updated version of the current version of virtual CD that supports triple layer BD media? I would imagine that this would be VERY easy, it simply requires creating a media with a larger number of sectors.

Size of virtual BD-RE media

I tried what you described with the recent version 10.7, but did not encounter any of the problems neither the size is smaller nor do I get an error message that it is not a blank disc.

Can you create a video of what you're doing exactly and provide a dowload link for it?

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