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Freshly burned images not shown

A new image created with VCD shows in the "Virtual Images" list in the control center. After burning with iTunes and ejecting, the file disappears and is not found back in Control Center.
A correctly created image is however located in the Virtual CDs\CD-R_ISO folder. I have found no way to make it show up.

Image "disappears"

Unfortunately it is not quite clear to us what you're doing and what exactly is happenig resp. what is the problem...
What kind of image do you (try to) burn with iTunes and is this successful in the end? I presume you burn to physical disc? Are you able to re-add the ISO image manually via drag'n'drop? Is the original image an ISO image? What does this image contain?

Freshly burned images not shown

I created a non-ISO CD-R and that was created with another extension, of VCD itself, and that one stayed visible in Control Center.
I did think ISO images would stay visible as well.
They are not registered with VCD, could that make a difference?

ISO images

ISO images are sppported and should be shown if the image's content is ISO conform, e.g. audio CDs or video DVDs/BDs would not be ISO compatible and thus cannot be added to Virtual CD.
Please also see here fpr futher information on third party extensions:

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