Notes on Burning CDs

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The Virtual CD Burner cannot make copies of CDs or images that have non-standard formats.


This is why the Virtual CD Burner analyzes the source, whether CD or image file, exactly as the Image Wizard does. If the analysis turns up any indication that it might not be possible to burn a physical copy, the Burner suggests alternatives. Which alternatives may be suggested depends on the type of source CD:

Virtual CD: For virtual CDs that have non-standard formats (e.g., if CD geometry data is included), the Burner suggests making a Smart Virtual CD.
Physical CD: If a physical CD has a non-standard format, the Burner suggests making a virtual CD from the physical CD.



These recommendations from the VCD Burner program are intended to help prevent the waste of blank CDs. You can still try making a 1-to-1 physical copy if desired. In this case, we recommend using a re-writable medium for your first attempt, to make sure that the burning process can be completed successfully and the results meet your requirements.