Important Paths

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Before you get started with Virtual CD, take a moment to acquaint yourself with two particular directories. Alongside the other Virtual CD directories, these two play a central role within the program. They are set up in the %PUBLIC%\Virtual CDs directory when you install Virtual CD:

Path for local configuration: This path defines where Virtual CD stores its configuration files (vcdimg.dat and vcdtree.dat) which index the registered virtual CDs and the directory structure. If you operate Virtual CD in a network, there is also a global configuration path. This directory also contains configuration files, with the difference that these can be read by multiple computers simultaneously. The path for local configuration files is defined on the Configuration page of the Settings.
Path for new images: When you create a virtual CD, it is automatically stored in the directory defined as the default for new images. If you want to change this path, make sure the path you specify has enough space available for storing virtual CDs. This path is defined on the Virtual CDs page of the Settings.


If you change the default path for new images, this does not have any far-reaching or unexpected effects. If you change the path for configuration files, on the other hand, Virtual CD will no longer "know" where your images are stored—unless you provide a configuration file in the new directory for this purpose. If the specified folder is empty, new configuration files will be generated automatically, but these will not initially contain references to your virtual CDs. In other words, the Images View in the CD Control Center will not show any virtual CDs or folders.


Where which virtual CDs are visible is determined by the data in the configuration files stored in the appropriate configuration paths:

vcdimg.dat: This file lists the virtual CDs that are included in the display, along with various properties.
vcdtree.dat: This file defines the structure of the directory tree for the folders in which virtual CDs are displayed.



Do not edit these files directly, as this could create serious difficulties in the operation of your Virtual CD program.


Immediately following installation, configuration files are stored in the local configuration path. The virtual CDs shown in the "Local" view are listed here. These can be seen by everyone who uses this computer. If a global configuration path has been specified, the files defining which CDs are shown in the "Global" view—visible to users over the network—are stored here.



You can switch between these paths at any time. Virtual CD reads and writes the index of registered CDs and folders from and to the configuration files in the current path.