Virtual CD Folders

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Virtual CD creates a number of folders in the Windows directory structure for storing virtual CDs, temporary data and configuration files. The paths for these folders are defined in the Virtual CD Settings program. Virtual CD creates the following folders during installation:

%ProgramFiles%\Virtual CD v10 - Virtual CD program folder (cannot be edited)
%PUBLIC%\Virtual CDs - Folder for new virtual CDs and local configuration (dialog pages in Settings: Virtual CDs and Configuration)
%APPDATA%\Virtual CD v10\
oLog - Folder for local information files (Folders page)
oTemp - Folder for temporary files (Folders page)
oSnapshot - Folder for Snapshots (Folders page)
%ProgramData%Virtual CD v10\
oCatalog - Folder for catalog files (Folders page)
oCDDB - Folder for CDDB databases (Configuration page)
oData - Program data (cannot be edited)
oEditor - Folder for Editor project files (Folders page)
oPresets - Folder for copy templates (Folders page)
oScripts - Folder for scripts (Folders page)
oVQCopy - Folder for Quick Copy files (Folders page)


Furthermore, the sound file mode uses the %PUBLIC%\Music folder for storing sound files (Burn page). This folder is part of the system and is not created by Virtual CD during installation.



These specifications refer to the system state directly following installation. If any paths have been altered since then, the information given here no longer applies to those paths.