User's Manual Supplement: v10.1

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Virtual CD v10 introduced quite a few additions and modifications in comparison to earlier versions. One major goal was to make the program easier than ever to use, even with its broad array of functions and capabilities. The feedback received to date indicates that we have achieved this aim. In addition to the positive comments we received a number of suggestions and requests, many of which have been worked into the current update, v10.1, and have helped to make it an even better product. This supplement to the manual describes the main additions in this version:

Additions in CD Control Center
New Status Information
Expanded Information in Desktop Icons
VCD Starter Options in Windows 7 Task Bar
New Functions for Task Assignments
Adding Data to a Virtual CD
Interrupting Creation of a Virtual CD
Dividing Blanks into Multiple Files



Please keep in mind that some of the descriptions and images in the v10 Virtual CD documentation may differ from the information given here, and that this supplement contains the latest information.


For a list of additions, changes and solved problems, please see the History file. We hope you are happy with the latest developments in the program, and that you continue to enjoy using Virtual CD.


The Virtual CD Development Team