Menu Items Added for Drives

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The Virtual CD extension for Windows Explorer integration makes the following controls available for drives:

Create a virtual CD – Added to the menu that opens when you right-click on a CD drive; runs the Image Wizard for creating a 1-to-1 copy of the CD in the CD drive.



When you right-click on a virtual drive, this menu item is included only if the Permit virtual CD drives as source drives option is active on the Virtual CDs page of the Virtual CD Settings program.


Copy the inserted CD – Added to the menu that opens when you right-click on a CD drive that contains a disk. This runs the Virtual CD Burner program and lets you copy the CD in the drive, or designate that drive as the target for writing data.
Create a blank virtual medium – Opens a choice of options for creating a new virtual blank. You can choose to open the Blank Media Wizard, create a data safe or activate the sound file mode.
Insert selected virtual CD – Opens the file selection dialog for selecting a virtual CD to be inserted. You can use this method to insert CDs that are not shown in any Virtual CD program window.
Quit sound file mode in <drive> – Normally, the sound file mode is shut down when the CD for which it was started is ejected. For blank virtual media, however, it works the other way around: you have to select the Quit sound file mode option to eject the medium.



Using the Quit sound file mode to eject a medium is an exception that is applicable only in the Windows Explorer. All other Virtual CD programs (Quick Start utility, CD Control Center, etc.), can eject a virtual blank using the Eject command.


Drive properties – Opens the properties dialog for the selected drive.
Insert a virtual CD – Added to the menu that opens when you right-click on a virtual CD drive. When you select this item, a submenu shows the available virtual CDs. The virtual CD you select from this list is inserted.



The number of entries this list can contain in the Explorer popup menu is defined by the Windows operating system. If you have a large number of virtual CDs, they might not all be included in this popup menu. Where this is the case, a menu item will indicate that further CDs are available.



If you have a very large number of virtual CDs, you may find it advisable to switch off the functions for inserting virtual CDs and ISO images. When these functions are active, the Windows Explorer has to load a large amount of data relevant to virtual CDs, which in some cases can take a great deal of time. Shutting off this function can speed up the process of opening menus in the Explorer considerably.