Adding Images

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Before you can manage images in your Virtual CD Control Center, they need to be registered. This also makes them available for use in all Virtual CD programs. There are a number of ways in which CDs can be registered. In most cases, it is done automatically.

When a new virtual CD is created using the Image Wizard, it is registered automatically.
When you make an image by assembling data in the Editor, the Editor registers the image in Virtual CD.
The image search function offers options for registering the images that are found.
When an image is inserted that has not yet been registered in Virtual CD, it is registered automatically.


When an image is registered, icons are displayed for it in the Virtual CD programs. To avoid accumulating icons from CDs that are not actually available, unknown images detected on removable media, such as CDs or flash drives, are not automatically registered in Virtual CD.

You can change this setting on the Configuration page of the Settings, by selecting the Add unknown images detected on removable media (e.g. CD, USB flash drive) automatically option.



You can register images yourself at any time, using the image search function. This mechanism can find images regardless of where they are stored, and you choose whether to add any—or all—of the images detected.